Organic certification

After we have been manufacturing mead Certificate in commission for organic certified firms for years, our winery was recently certified according to the EU regulation 2092/91 for honey wine with the control number D-RP-006-9936-B. In contrast to other food industries, where the sales of ecologically produced foods is still very low, we are doing rather well with the sales of mead. Despite the scandals in the organic foods area in 2002, the sales of organic mead in commission has increased tremendously, as more and more organic beekeepers take up the opportunity of the additional marketing of mead. To start an organic certified production, we did not have to convert our firm, as the processing of honey to mead already corresponded to the requirements of ecologically produced food, except for the use of the "raw material" honey and the costly documentation. You can see that we treat honey in a gentle way all around. In contrast to many other firms we do not conduct high temperature heating (often up to boiling) of the honey water mixture, because the honey will lose some aroma components and a slight caramelization occurs. Most of the enzymes, which in the opinion of many beekeepers make honey particularly valuable, are destroyed when heated at high temperature.