Mead vinegar

Vinegar, the age-old spice, which has had its firm place in every kitchen for centuries, has turned into a cult object in the last years. Mead vinegar presents a completely new flavor experience within the variety of different noble vinegars. We offer it in two convincing flavors.
We only use selected honey wines (meads) for its preparation since superior starting material is the prerequisite for vinegar of this class. In the expensive natural processing the fine flavor nuances of the honey wines from a variety of pure linden and sweet chestnut honey continue to develop.
To achieve a nutlike flavor component in the preparation of vinegars, sweet chestnut honey is also quite popular with the winemakers. In contrast to the classic vinegar this noble aroma in mead vinegar shows much more initially to its best advantage.
During the long development phase for the manufacture of this specialty, chefs of the top-class gastronomy were also involved in the formulation of the recipes.
In 1995 mead vinegar was presented for the first time to the world congress of the Apimondia in Lausanne and at the same time awarded with an honorary diploma of the international jury.
A prestigious German gourmet magazine rates our mead vinegar as one of the exceptional. We offer mead vinegar in a fine 0.5 l Opera - bottle, sealed with a wood top cork stopper. We keep two types in our storage: sweet chestnut and linden. However, we would be pleased to also prepare vinegar from other types of honey for you.