Ambrosius Bräu

Our Ambrosius-Bräu is a real honey beer. Unlike some other beverage, it can truly be called a beer, instead of "drink" or something similar.
We developed the Ambrosius-Bräu in cooperation with a Belgium brewery. Honey was often used by brewers of beer in the Middle Ages. To underline the originality of the honey beer and to maintain as much as possible of its character, we offer it only in original bottle fermentation (like the yeast wheat beer). That way the yeast remains in the beer. When the bottle is three-quarters empty it should be lightly shaken so that most of the yeast comes out with the rest of the beer when you empty it into the glass.
You can acquire the Ambrosius-Bräu in a 0.33 l Vichy returnable bottle in a cardboard container of 24. The alcohol content of this fine sharp flavored beer is 5 % by volume.
For advertisement agents we have large posters, brochures (sorry, only in German language) in different sizes and as bumper stickers available for you.

int016 This noble beverage is committed with its name to the patron saint of the beekeepers, Saint Ambrosius. The master brewer, also a beekeeper, in turn obligates himself to you to do justice to this great name.