Order production

For many of our customers it is important that their own honey is used for the processing of mead. Because of that we are equipped to process even small batches of 300 kg in separate lots. This offer is particularly accepted by firms, which are organic certified in accordance with the corresponding EU guidelines.

The most important thing in this venture, however, is the cooperation of two expert worlds. The beekeeper selects the honey (often in cooperation with us), which is best suited for the production of a nice honey wine. We offer him our long-term experience and knowledge to create the suitable mead.

For some beekeepers we provide the possibility to sensibly exploit honey from the uncapping wax or from firm combs of melicitose honey in our mead production. If that is for you, we would be pleased to provide more detailed information. We only like to process honey for you with a slightly raised water content, when the honey has not yet been diminished in its sensoric characteristics.
After all, you only want to offer excellent honey mead to your customers!

When we produce mead for you, we endeavor to make everything possible for you, from bottle shapes and colors, the selection of the cap to the design of the label. Additionally we would like to advise you on sweetness, acidity, alcohol content and the possibility of extension beforehand. In the end you have to like the final product so that you will enjoy the reselling.

Optionally you will receive a trade analysis of the mead, which has been produced for you, conducted by a state-approved wine laboratory.