Bärenfang (alcoholic honey beverage)

Bärenfang is the classic among the honey liqueurs. Traditionally it was produced in East Prussia and is stillint005 very popular in many parts of Germany and North European countries. Many different recipes have been handed down from East Prussia. We have tried to adopt the best from these recipes for our Bärenfang.

Because of our love for honey and our commitment to purity we refrain from adding any artificial aroma substances. To come as close as possible to any of the handed down recipes, we use almost exclusively native honeys.

Our Bärenfang has an alcohol content of 30 % by volume and is filled in bottles of 0.04 l, 0.35 l and 0.5 l. However, other bottle sizes are available on demand. With almost 300 g/l (More than 1/3 kg of honey!) of residual sweetness, Bärenfang is very sweet. That is why it is particularly nice to be enjoyed on cold winter nights, mainly in eastern and northern Europe, where the climate is indeed more frigid than in our region.