Because we love honey in all its fine nuances, we developed the recipes for the mead in cooperation with competent wine engineers as early as the eighties. This presents our customers in the market recognition and sales success again and again.


Therefore, it is no surprise that already in our first year (1992), in which we focused on the production of honey wine, we belonged to the largest specialized enterprises.
No other firm worldwide received more awards from the APIMONDIA in the last years than we did.

We received 4 gold medals, 5 silver medals, 2 bronze medals and 3 honorary diplomas in Lausanne, Antwerpen, Vancouver, Ljubljana and Montpellier. We were honored for


Starting with the selection of honeys and the water (we use exclusively spring water from our volcanically marked region) and the optimized fermentation process to the careful filtration and bottling:
The sum of the numerous optimized elements of a competent mead production over the years, today make the product for your economic success.